Staying Healthy During the Cold and Flu Season

For most people cold and flu seasons mean lesser time outdoors in fresh air and spending more time in close quarters with those they play, work, learn and live with. This forms a better opportunity for the flu and cold viruses to form a better way from one person to the other. Even though everyone will try to stay healthy, individuals with chronic conditions and endangered immune systems should take extra measures to avoid the illnesses. Flu and common cold outbreaks affect most people and costs many businesses billions of dollars annually. Car repair shops aren’t an exception and therefore employers should work to reduce the effects of the two common ailments.

Cold and flu can flourish in the workplace environments because of how the viruses are spread. These viruses are mostly spread from the respiratory droplets which can travel at least three feet from the sneezer or the cougher. Breathing in the droplets or even touching something that has these viruses on it such as a doorknob or a phone and then touching the mouth, the eyes or the nose can cause an infection. Employees working in work environments with many workers are at a higher risk of getting into contact with these viruses through the air in shared surfaces.

What are the major impacts of cold and flu in a car repair shop

There are several reasons why people are obliged to go to the workplace. A national survey showed that around 60% of all workers go to work due to concern about their work not getting done while 48% of workers go to work due to guilt of missing work. Another 25% go to work because there are no paid sick days and the survey showed that 24% of workers fear that their employers will be angry. Another 18% is usually concerned about the work loss. Even though absenteeism may be a better choice when a person is sick, there are employees who choose to come to work while they cannot function at their normal level.

This lowers the productivity and may also extend the illness and infect the other workers. Limiting the exposure to the other workers while contagious is important. An adult can pass flu to the others within a day and it may take seven days before the symptoms are seen. But unfortunately, most employees will return to their workplaces while they are still infectious.

Around 1.5 million workdays are lost each and every year and this result to lost productivity and increased healthcare costs which sum up to around $1 billion per year. An infected person remains contagious for seven days after the symptoms have appeared and this means that flu and cold can quickly and easily spread within the workplace.

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Cold and flu prevention in a car repair shop

To prevent cold and flu in a car repair shop, you should use products that deflect germs. Some of the products that can help mechanics eliminate germs in the workplace include tissues, hand sanitizers and disinfectants. Workers can also aid in keeping the workplace clean. As an employer, you should make the products readily available in the workplace.

Furthermore you should advise employees to stay at home while sick. Their presence in work at such time isn’t necessary as it will only put the other workers at a risk. A sick employee should stay home for at least 24 hours and report back to work after they are not showing any symptom. You can develop a work policy which allows employees to remain home if they or their children fall ill.

Good hygiene in the car repair shop is also vital. You should institute the cleaning of shared equipments which include the computers and phones and wiping down the common areas with disinfectants from time to time. Also remind employees on the benefits of washing their hands and covering their mouth whenever they are coughing or sneezing. To reduce the spread of germs, you should encourage them to sneeze into their sleeve rather than their hands.

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Exercising for around 30 minutes in a day will increase your blood flow and therefore boost your immune system. Furthermore, maintaining a healthier diet which includes vegetables and fruits is important. The food items are packaged with antioxidants and vitamins which provide the immune system and the entire body with the power it requires to fight off any germs. Half of your meals should be vegetables and fruits. However, if you are really worried about getting sick, you should get a high dose vitamin C. The vitamin offer benefits to people at a greater risk of cold and flu due o high exposure.