The Silent Killer in Auto Repair Garages

There is no doubt that stress and tension are part of our daily lives and almost each one of us undergoes the same. While some bit of workplace related stress is not avoidable and perhaps even necessary the problem happens when it crosses the threshold level. Irrespective of the profession which we are in there is no doubt that we all undergo stress, but if you are a mechanic working on those machines or running a diesel engine or doing another such job you are at a higher risk as far as stress is concerned. You must always be on your toes and cannot afford to be complacent and take your mind off your work even for a second. Further, you could constantly be bothered by sound and pollution which could further exacerbate the situation. Hence, you must find out ways and means by which you can overcome the situation. Over the next new lines, we will try and find a few useful tips which could help you to overcome stress and other related problems if your profession is that of a mechanic. Though it may not eliminate the problem, it certainly will help you to reduce tension levels considerably and help you to lead a more balanced and mentally and emotionally healthy life.

Stress From Physical Strain

One of the biggest problems for mechanics is the physical strain which they have to undergo on a regular basis. A mechanic’s job involves being in touch with massive machines all the time and calls for pulling and pushing of pulleys and other such devices and tools. This places a lot of physical strain and according to medical experts, this is one of the leading causes of stress as far as mechanics are concerned. The best thing is to take regular breaks from the physical work and refresh and body and mind. This is all the more applicable as you reach a certain age but continue to do the same job. Along with age, as a mechanic, you must try and move to a supervisory role rather than handling the machines all the time. This will certainly help you to reduce stress significantly.

Noise and Pollution

As mentioned earlier noise and pollution are constant companions for mechanics, and therefore, this could build up lots of stress and tension internally without your being aware of it. Hence, many auto technicians suffer from hypertension and blood sugar because of the buildup of pressure slowly and steadily over the years. You should therefore try and look for industries where they well and truly believe in reducing pollution caused by noise. Your employer must ensure that you are provided the right safety devices, ear plugs, and other tools which will help you to reduce stress levels significantly which is caused by noise.

Fear of Safety

In spite of the best safety features being in place in almost all workplaces the fear of safety and the fear of injuring oneself always works in the background. This also contributes quite a big to increase stress. The best way to avoid it is to ensure that you always work in an environment which 100% safe from the hazards associated with smoke, pollution, and electrical short circuits, the improper working of machines and so on. In spite of the best care being taken, you could sti8ll fall a victim to an unfortunate accident and this is an inbuilt hazard which you have to live with. You must keep your mind as peaceful and composed as possible and take out the fear of these accidents away from your mind.

Bad Behavior of Customers

Another common problem faced by these professionals is the behavior which they get from customers. Though it is a wrong way of looking at things, many customers have the habit of looking down upon the work done by mechanics. They often forget the basic tenets of decency and courtesy which is required when dealing with other human beings. This could be a big reason for stress for many mechanics. Hence, they should find out ways and means by which they can overcome this situation. They should learn some simple tricks to keep customers happy and try to build up a pleasant conversation even when the situation is grim and not in line with what they would like it to be.

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