Keeping Mobile Dent Repair Safe

Many car owners in New York will experience a dent on their cars at any one point of ownership. Such occurrences often require a mobile dent repair NYC service which seeks to restore the dented part to its original smooth condition. Dents often occur due to dings by heavy objects, hail damage, bodyline damages, and creases.

Mechanics often repair dents on cars using the paintless dent repair process. The process makes use of a dent repair tool which resembles a long metal rod with a ‘hammer-like’ head which is used to push out the dent. The process requires the mechanic to bend in order to reach the level of the dented part. For perfection, the mechanic may use a dent repair light to keep checking whether the dent has been completely fixed. Mechanics repair mobile dents almost every day and the intense process has been proven to cause some health problems for these expert technicians. How?

mobile dent repair health

Long Working Hours

Garages open very early in the morning and close late into the night as mechanics seek to serve their large clientele base. As such, a mechanic dealing with dent repairs will find themselves bending from time to time to fix several dented cars in line. Dent repair is often a one-day job hence clients expect to have their cars back within the day of service.

One-man job

Dent repair is a job that requires one mechanic to keep pushing out the dinged part until it smoothens out. As such, most mechanics often run their garages alone since the tasks are easily handled by one person. This leads to overworking.

Outdoor Premises

Most garages operate from outdoor premises in order to maximise on the large space and avoid the high costs of constructing permanent structures. The permanent structure usually holds the office and the tool shed while the cars are fixed in the open space. Operating outdoors for long hours exposes a mechanic to harsh weather conditions such as extreme heat or cold, rain, snow, and winds.

The above working conditions that mechanics encounter contribute to the several ailments that they suffer from.

Joint Injuries

It gets to a point in the daily life of a mechanic where a little bending on and off the knees is required. Kneeling on hard ground exerts pressure on the knees and leads to the development of injuries over a long period of time. Other joints such as elbows suffer in the process of car repair too. It is easy to disregard pain in the joints since it is a common occurrence for them but the build up causes serious damages. As such, mechanics should always wear knee pads when bending in order to create a soft landing platform.

Back Pain

Back pains results from awkward bending positions when fixing dents on different levels. Back pain may become chronic if untreated and may even inhibit one from working. Mechanics should make sure they get a good stretch after every repair session. This helps the back muscles to readjust themselves and maintain a healthy condition.

Hearing Problems

The constant pushing out of dents could easily create a hearing problem for a mechanic. The repair process requires one to be close enough to the dented part in order to monitor the extent of stretching. The mechanic can make use of ear muffs to keep loud noises at bay. While using ear muffs, it is important to be aware of the surrounding by keeping it safe enough in order not to get hurt by other falling objects which are hard to hear through covered ears.

Respiratory Problems

The long working hours in the open take a toll on one’s respiratory system. The lungs experience damages resulting to varying hot and cold weather conditions and the mechanic suffers from breathlessness and other breathing problems. The mechanic should only work in a conducive environment. This means they should avoid working during extreme weather conditions. If they have to work during cold weather, they should wear warm clothing to keep their chests warm.

Evidently, mechanics could benefit from getting extra help from an assistant in order to work faster and more efficiently. This way, they will work for shorter hours and still serve their long list of loyal customers. The next time you visit your favorite mechanic for a mobile dent repair NYC service, share these few pointers with them to protect their lives.

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