Lose Weight and Reduce Your Back Injuries

The life of car mechanics can be hard at times. The work is physically demanding and moreover, minor burns, cuts and bruises are almost an inevitable part of a car mechanic’s daily working life. However, the payment of mechanics is good and after you manage and diagnose the nagging problems related to the work, the satisfaction will be abundant. Apart from avoiding the minor cuts, bruises and burns, as a mechanic, you should also start seeking weight reduction service. By remaining fit, you will be able to avoid back injuries which many car mechanics experience.

Your back consists of muscles, bones and some other tissues which extend from the pelvis. Back injuries mostly result from work around the house or in the car repair shop, sports injuries or sudden jolts such as vehicle accident. The most common site of back injuries is the lower back and the most common types of back injuries include herniated discs, sprains and strains and fractured vertebrae. The three types of injuries cause pain and also limit your movements.

Treatment of back injuries highly varies and may include bed rest, icing, medicines, surgery or physical therapy. You can be able to prevent back injuries by maintaining a healthier weight, using your legs to lift objects and using your lower back support when sitting. To reduce the extra pounds you can also rely on weight reduction service.

X-ray shows back and neck injury

The lower back injury in vehicle repair shops

Back injuries can develop gradually due to microtrauma brought about by the repetitive activities over time or can result from a single traumatic event. Due to the slow and progressive onset of internal injuries, people highly ignore this conditions until the symptoms become acute – can even result to disabling injuries. Acute back injuries may be an immediate result of improper weight lifting techniques and lifting weights that are too heavy for your back to support.

While back injuries may seem to result from one well defined incident, the real cause is usually a combined interaction of observed stressor matched with several years of musculoskeletal support mechanism weakening by the repetitive micro trauma. Injuries may result in the vertebrae, muscle ligament and discs either in combination or singly.

Even though back injuries do not cause work related deaths, they highly contribute to human suffering, economic burden and loss of productivity on the compensation systems. Back injuries are a major cause of injuries in individuals while still in their working ages.

Moreover, back injuries affect over 600,000 workers annually and cost the US government over $50 billion annually. The economic impact and frequency of back injuries and disorders on work force may increase in the next few decades as the medical expenses increases and the average workforce age increases.


Why you should lose weight to avoid back injuries

The risk of back injuries is higher in overweight and obese people. Even though there are minimal studies on causes of back injuries, strain is known to be the most common cause. Anytime you experience back pain, you should know that it is likely to be a sprained ligament, a disc problem or even a muscle tear. Overweight people have poor posture and the extra weight puts more strain on their body muscles and discs.

Reducing weight will help you lower the chances of developing any back injuries in the future. Being overweight particularly around the midsections, shifts your total center of gravity forward and also puts additional strain n the back muscles. To avoid getting any unnecessary back injuries, you should try to remain within 10lbs of your optimal weight. To maintain this weight, you should exercise or seek medical weight reduction services. The right diet and exercise will help you maintain an optimal weight which is the first step in preventing back injuries in the car repair shop.

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